Authors of the Asigo System

The authors and main developers of Asigo System are Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. They are both highly successful online entrepreneurs with decades of experience.

Chris Munch - Co-founder of The Asigo System

Chris Munch - Ecommerce Expert & Co-founder of Asigo System

Chris Munch is an e-commerce and training course expert and a blogger who shares his knowledge on many social networks and business sites.

He has created many success stories and online projects, which helped him create an 8-figure business for himself and his clients.

He is also one of the two principal inventors of the highly successful programs – The Loki Cycle and The $100K Shout Out.

Chris began 15 years ago, working up to 12 hours daily and surviving on Ramen noodles. He’s currently running an 8-figure software business.

Chris is a thriving online entrepreneur and the proprietor of MunchEye, the most popular site that allows marketers to see the coming launch of new products.

He uses simple language and effectively communicates the message without boring you.

Jay Cruiz - Co-founder of The Asigo System

Jay Cruiz - Marketing Expert & co-founder of Asigo

Jay Cruiz is a chief sales officer at AmpiFire(TM) and has partnered with Chris to create The Asigo System. Jay Cruiz is an amazing entrepreneur with much knowledge to share.

He is also a co-founder at PressCable, which started in 2014 and grew into one of the most successful businesses that help their clients reach a broad online audience.

All his experience, combined with Chris’s knowledge, has led their dedicated development team to create this amazing opportunity available only for a limited time.

Chris and Jay know what they are talking about, and they are more than qualified to lead you on the path to online success.

They will present the system in a live webinar (click the button below) and answer the questions you might have. Definitely a thing you don’t want to miss out!