Academy Modules, Bonuses and Extras

The Asigo System Academy includes four modules which seamlessly integrate into one done-for-you recurring passive income stream.

It is extremely easy to use, even for beginners, as you get 24/7 support from a dedicated team ready to help you with any task and answer any questions you might have.

In addition, if you join the early-bird webinar coming live soon, you are getting six bonus offers and extras free of cost, which will help you speed up your process and bring in higher profits.

The Asigo System Modules

MODULE 1: "Copy & Paste" eServices Dropshipping Store

The Asigo eService Dropshipping eStore allows you to immediately “copy & paste” the automated sales funnels & checkout process.

It is basically the fully optimized done-for-you e-commerce website and selling platform.

This pre-made high-converting online store leaves you with the freedom to concentrate on the most valuable goal of obtaining more sales!

You simply import digital goods to sell in your store from the preselected database (or add your own) and plug-in the AmpiFireTM to drive targeted traffic to your store.

The method replicated by our first test students helped them earn an average of $2,079 per week by performing it manually. Now the system is completely automated and ready to earn you money!

Asigo System E-service Dropshipping Store

The developers have spent years searching for the most lucrative niches and upgrading the system to convert your visitors to buyers, turning the eStore into a real profit machine.

Asigo connects directly to AmpiFire(TM) Traffic System to connect customers who are already interested in the service you’re selling through your online store.

High-end conversion material is created by top-quality marketers using customers from their eService optimized for many years of testing and crowdsourcing!

The most profitable customers do not always make impulse purchases immediately, and you’ll have to keep re-engaging them until they make a purchase! The system includes all the tools to make the re-targeting a simple and automated task.

Valued at $9,995

MODULE 2: The "Ampifire" Engagement Engine

AmpiFire(TM) is a platform that takes care of driving targeted traffic to your e-com store. It is already included in the Asigo System for free, so you don’t have to pay extra!

The AmpiFire(TM) service experts provide the content based on the products you are selling and distribute it to millions of websites and online assets.

They feature a variety of multimedia formats in which your content will be presented to potential clients. These include: articles, blogs, videos, presentations, audio ads and infographics.

Asigo System AmpiFire Engagement Engine

Your content will be featured in Google News, Apple Podcast, LinkedIn, SlideShare and hundreds of other websites and platforms.

Improving your exposure, driving hyper-targeted traffic and being consistent with your content marketing is what delivers the right customers to your website.

There is no need to do ongoing product research or costly testing. AmpiFire(TM) is already a tested and proven service that it is in huge demand, making massive profits!

With AmpiFire(TM) you don’t have to worry about Facebook Ads campaigns, Google Ads, Media Buy, PPC, or other forms of manual advertising. Everything is done for you by a team of experts.

Valued at $9,995

MODULE 3: The Asigo Partner's Concierge

With Partner’s Concierge You’ll never have to go far to find the information and assistance you require.

Your personal concierge team will help you improve your business so that you can meet your personal goals for profit in the shortest time possible and even exceed them!

Supported 24/7/365 by real experts, you won’t have to wait long to get the answers you’re looking for.

Asigo System Concierge Program

We are determined to help you succeed! As an Asigo partner, our success is mutually correlated. This is how you will know you have a partner you count on!

Valued at $2,995

MODULE 4: The Asigo "Aim & Fire" High-Ticket Sales Seeker

You can instantly tap into the collection of more than 50,000,000+ potential buyers in every niche you can imagine.

Use the Asigo Systems High-Ticket Sales Seeker and drive high-converting visitors to your eStore!

You can bring a specific segment of up to 50,000,000 potential customers to your eService with the click of a mouse.

Asigo System High-Ticket Sales Seeker

It seamlessly integrates into “Aim & Fire” Traffic System to send high-ticket customers to your eStore immediately.

It’s 20x quicker than manual processes, which means you can accomplish more in a shorter time. This can bring huge profits fast!

Make high-ticket sales and accumulate your monthly subscriptions automatically, and you’ll keep being paid for each sale you make repeatedly.

It is your freedom to choose the price you’d like and the niches you’d prefer to focus on – whether you use our database of niches that have been proven or discover your own.

Valued at $9,995

The Asigo System Bonuses and Extras

In addition to the main Asigo Academy modules, the bonuses are added as extra features only for those who join the system before the special cart closes.

If you join the webinar today, you will get all these bonuses free of cost.

BONUS 1: The Asigo 7-Figure Training

Learn to become a true expert in The Asigo System, the “Aim & Fire” Traffic System and how to maximize the recurring sales of your eStore!

Before Asigo was released this was reserved only for Chris Munch and his closed circle. Now, he will reveal all the secrets of constructing a seven-figure Asigo business.

Valued at $4,995

7 Figure Training Bonus

BONUS 2: The Asigo "Windfall" Method

Uncovering the secrets of serial entrepreneurs, you’ll be able to learn the straightforward process which can result in huge pay-days that can increase your earnings by up to 500%.

You can use the “Windfall” method from the beginning with no effort. You’ll multiply the amount you would have received if you owned several Asigo stores – but for something, you did only once!

Valued at $1,995

The Windfall Method Bonus

BONUS 3: AmpiFire(tm) Platinum Partner Status

Usually, it’s an invitation-only, limited to seven-figure companies and corporate clients. However, as an Asigo partner, you’ll be immediately elevated into Exclusive AmpiFire(TM) platinum Partner Status.

Each sale you make through the Asigo eStore will deliver you the most profitable margin – never lower!

Valued at $11,995

AmpiFire Platinum Partner Status Bonus

BONUS 4: One-To-One Strategy Session

If you require a plan that is a bit more specific to your particular situation, you need to speak to someone who’s been through it in the past.

Jay and his knowledgeable team from London, UK, have put the time to help you create your own personal plan so that you can take the next step with complete confidence.

Valued at $495

One-to-one Strategy Session Bonus

BONUS 5: The Asigo System Logo Creator

Your brand is being branded on AmpiFire(TM) to promote your Asigo eStore; therefore, the logo you choose to use will appear among the first things potential customers will see!

There’s no need for designers and you don’t require any particular skills in design. Just spend some time working with the logo designer, and you’ll be ready!

Valued at $495

Asigo Logo Creator Bonus

BONUS 6: The Asigo Paid Traffic Expansion

The “Aim & Fire” Traffic System offers the highest ROI traffic we’ve ever experienced, but that doesn’t mean you should rule out paid traffic or any other source!

Our experiments with Facebook ads have produced positive results, and we’ll be sharing our approach with you to help you scale it up and make even more sales!

Valued at $995

Paid Traffic Expansion Bonus

EXTRA: Full 60 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Your investment is 100% risk-free!

If, for any reason (or there’s no reason at all), you decide that “The Asigo System” isn’t suitable for the person you are – we offer you a full refund within 60 days from your original payment.

This gives you more than enough time to allow your Asigo eStore to make its first large-ticket revenue – that alone is likely to return your investment several times over.


And there’s more

Because “The Asigo System 7-Figure Training” will be recorded digitally, you don’t need to return or send it back to us. We’ll allow you to keep it.

You can use all the concepts you learn from the class and make your individual version of the ‘Asigo without our help.

Therefore, the risk is entirely on us.

Consider your choices …

Best Case Scenario – You finally have a successful business that can help you realize your desires.

Worst Case Scenario – You get your money back and a $4,995 training course to keep.

Not taking advantage of an opportunity that happens once, perhaps every ten years – insisting on ignoring the “if only” moments. The choice of letting others gain the advantage instead of yourself. Letting things remain the same and leaving your goals to remain only in the form of dreams. All of these would be a mistake.

Take action now and join the free webinar which will be presented live before the release & launch of the Asigo System.